I Company

We are specialized in complex molds and tools.
This includes Injection Molding Tools for:

  • Chrome Parts,
  • Insertion Molds,
  • Large Molds,
  • Multi-component Molds,
  • Fast-cycle Molds,
  • and Special Molds.

In the Stamping and Forming sector mainly:

  • Cutting Tools,
  • Progressive Tools,
  • Bending Tools,
  • and Transfer Tools.

Dimensions range from small tools with measurements such as 156 x 156 mm, to large molds and tools of all sizes. We can also assist you with simpler tools.

To guarantee the success of the project, our objective is to ensure that costs, time and quality fulfil your requirements.

We design, manage and supply tools for all industries involving manufactur-
ing of complex plastic and metal parts.


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