März 2019

Leaders in precision molding in the Bajio area

San Miguel de Allende has diversified its main economic strength, it went from being an important 100 % touristic and artisan municipality in Guanajuato, to be also an important city for the industrial development of the region, this is how international companies have settled in the San Miguel de Allende Business Polygon Industrial Park aiming to expand their horizons.

This is the case of the German company Langer Molds and Tools which settled in the municipality on an strategic manner to serve their main customers installed in the State and in the entire Bajio region.

Rafael Gasser, CEO of Langer Molds and Tools Mexico, said that the main reason why this city attracted their attention is the facility and connectivity it has with the main terrestrial ways that connect with other Industrial States of the country, such as Puebla, Queretaro, San Luis Potosi, Monterrey, among others.
“San Miguel de Allende is a calm municipality, the industry is standing out enough due to the work existing climate in this area and because people is willing to collaborate with us in different manners, in addition the state of Guanajuato is located on a privileged area and practically all its municipalities have facilities for the industry developing suitable,” he said.
He noted that on Langer Molds and Tools the main function is to train the entire personnel and the community wanting to learn, mainly young people about to enter the dual model, which is very used in countries such as Germany.

He explained that Langer began functioning in San Miguel de Allende three years ago with changes in engineering and mold repair for plastic and aluminum injection and the plan for the upcoming years are to be focused in manufacturing new molds.

“We are in the process of manufacturing our own molds, the company needs time to grow because it is something more complicated and although we do not have the machines problem – since we have forefront technology – there is a lack in equipment knowledge and we need time to grow,” he detailed.
Regarding molding manufacturing he said that there are several types focused on big molds within the Mexican market; however, Langer specializes in molds of up to 10 tons, in addition that the machines they have are unique in Mexico.

“We would like to growth with the quality and precision that characterize us, we are focused in the automotive sector and some from the medical sector, but it is more about the automotive part and those are high precision parts.”

The CEO explained that Langer Molds and Tools offers a great number of services regarding tools in the sectors of injection and precision molding, as well as of die-cut and shaped tooling, in addition of having a spare and wear pieces warehouse.
The production process includes previous planning, as on the first one they have to contest to won certain project, later the present the project to the technical team on 3D data they have, in addition of calculating on each molding part, what takes time for the work total planning.
“We plan machines and time to make the mold depending on its size and complexity, in the adjustment area pertinent adaptations is made for finally assembly, we have to much precision in our work and we are characterized by it.”
Langer Molds and Tools Mexico has more than 100 customers in the region and manufactured pieces are locally distributed; however, they are indirectly exported.
The company settled in San Miguel de Allende is integrated by 36 people and it is expected to duplicate the number in three more years, in addition of incorporating the manufacturing of new molds.

Fuente: Mexico Industry


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